Tigerlilly – Prymambassador Competition

Tigerlilly is my entry for the #prymambassador competition 🙂

If I am lucky enough to be a brand ambassador, she will be with me and help me try and test @prymconsumer products. Tigerlilly was created on the basis of @teacuplion baby dragon pattern, which I gave other proportions (head to body). New ears, a new tail and new arms have also been added.

The embroidery files for the face, the paws and the accessory, her apron, I built in #adobeillustrator and then converted in an embroidery program for my #brotherinnovis800e. For embroidery I use #guethermannsulkyrayon yarn. I love it: D It shines so beautifully and runs perfectly in the machine.

Material for my Tigerilly were white plush fabric and fleece in black and pink. For the transfer of the pattern on the white fabric I really like the #prymtrickmarker because he does not shine through the white and fades with time. For all other colors I use tailor’s chalk. Sewn together I have everything on my #pfaffambition20
The black tiger stripes I sewed by hand to have a softer transition between fur and fleece, as with a satin stitch on the embroidery machine. The apron I embellished with a decorative stitch and used satin ribbons for binding 🙂

Creating Tigerlilly was a lot of fun for me and to combine all sorts of sewing techniques and materials even more 🙂 So keep your fingers crossed for the #prymambassador ;-D So that Tigerlilly can make my social media pages unsafe 😀

#silberknoepfchen #silberknoepfchenforprym #handmadelove #plushupyourdreams