After a Long time out silberknöpfchen is taking commissions again for 2017.
More Details at “Your Order“.
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SHOPUPDATE! 10.12.16


On Etsy you can now get all the homeless sloths and platys for convention Prices;-)
So be fast:-D And make someone a pleasure for Christmas.


My first convention is over;-)
Sadly many Platys, Sloths and other cuddles didn’t find a home:’-(
I will put them for sale on etsy and/or dawanda in the next days.

Thanks to all the friendly visitors:D I had a lot of fun;-) 



How the thread found the needle…

2011 i started to create my first own plushie and l teached myself step by step the knowledge needed for dealing with the sewing machine, the required fabrics and stuffing materials and things like crocheting and knitting.

Since then i receive numerous orders for plushies and Accessoires and love to create my own products, too, i am selling via my shop and through the serveral Websites i am on. ´”silberknöpfchen” means to have nearly infinite possibilities for plushie- and Accessoire designs.

Then i started to make my own creations more important and realized Projects like “THE POCKETs” or product lines for a good cause like the “PuppyPaws” in the end of 2014.

“Plush up your dreams and let yourself be enchanted by the cuddly curly Monsters and the cute animals!”


Papa sloth and his family belong to the three-toed sloths (Bradypus). Their favorite activity is to hang on to all sorts of things and to swing around. Sleeping they do at least as happy.

FaultierePapa und Baby Faultier


The Pocketmonsters are coming! They love to hide in your jeans, your bag or your coat and follow you everywhere. These faithful little companions will cutify your day with their sassy, love or sugarsweet personality.

The PocketsThe Pockets


In the deepest depths of Australia I met this creature. It is very much like a beaver and moves mainly with floating.